Electronically Manage Health Forms

The CNESST requires that each worker who enters a site fill out a form related to COVID-19 since coming back to work. Upon the announcement of this new measure, few companies specializing in project management software jumped in to innovate during these times of change. Tight controls are now carried out

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Annie will give a conference on the digital shift at the CEGQ congress

Conference Each construction project generates a quantity of information and data that needs to be managed so it can be prioritized, shared, and archived Managing this information is critical and brings its share of challenges. Too often the lack of communication, due to lack of time, is a source of conflict.

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Dreeven’s Daily Reports

The CEGQ is proud to announce the finalization of the partnership with Dreeven Technologies regarding the replacement of the current "Journal de Chantier" application with the new Daily Reports platform. This new tool will facilitate and improve your data collection as well as the management of your construction sites. The daily reports

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