Come & Participate in the First Dreeven Lab!

How should technology adapt to you? Whether you are a user of the daily reports or the full Dreeven application, you are invited to participate in the first working session of Dreeven Lab on October 1 at 9 a.m. in a roundtable format. Come share what you like, what you dislike,

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We Are Finalists in Batimatech’s PitchTech Innovation Construction Contest

We are proud to be finalists in Batimatech's PitchTech Innovation Construction Contest. The contest took place on Tuesday 22, September as part of the Batimatech conference. Learn More

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Annie will give a conference on the digital shift at the CEGQ congress

Conference Each construction project generates a quantity of information and data that needs to be managed so it can be prioritized, shared, and archived Managing this information is critical and brings its share of challenges. Too often the lack of communication, due to lack of time, is a source of conflict.

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