Electronically Manage Health Forms

The CNESST requires that each worker who enters a site fill out a form related to COVID-19 since coming back to work. Upon the announcement of this new measure, few companies specializing in project management software jumped in to innovate during these times of change. Tight controls are now carried out

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Dreeven facilitates the safe reopening of construction sites

Dreeven Technologies, a Quebec-based company, is launching two new features. Their construction industry customers can take on the new realities of COVID-19. Because the Employee Questions Form and the Measures Audit are accessible online. The forms are put in place to ensure employee safety. They comply with the new CNESST standards.

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Two New Features to Facilitate the Safe Reopening of Construction Sites.

Batimatech shares with you the press release from the Dreeven Technologies platform which includes several new features to ensure compliance with public health measures related to COVID-19. -Press Release- Ensure compliance with public health measures related to COVID-19. Quebec-based Dreeven Technologies is launching two new features to help the construction industry

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