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Batimatech shares with you the press release from the Dreeven Technologies platform which includes several new features to ensure compliance with public health measures related to COVID-19.

-Press Release-

Ensure compliance with public health measures related to COVID-19.

Quebec-based Dreeven Technologies is launching two new features to help the construction industry cope with the new realities of COVID-19. The employee questions form and the audit form. These measures are put in place to ensure employee safety and comply with the new CNESST standards and the response plan of the Corporation des entrepreneurs générale du Québec related to COVID-19 .

These two functions are available digitally and directly on Dreeven’s platform, in order to facilitate the daily life of all workers. Superintendents, subcontractors, and visitors of construction sites will minimize the risk of contamination through paper exchanges.

“The Dreeven Technologies team decided to quickly implement these two simple and practical tools, in order to facilitate the safe return to work for our customers and their employees. This integrated solution allows all stakeholders on a site to fill out the COVID-19 form which must then be validated by the superintendent or the prevention officer, then integrated into the daily report, and so is the audit form,” said Annie Chantelois, P.Eng. M.Sc.A, Founder and CEO of Dreeven Technologies. “This ensures the safety of employees and compliance with public health measures at all times on sites.”

Used by everyone involved in a construction site, the Dreeven platform facilitates telecommuting and paperless collaboration, which is favoured in the current context.

About Dreeven Technologies

Dreeven Technologies offers a collaborative technology platform for the construction industry. Facilitates the administration of each project, budget management, and centralizes all documentation (plans, photos, contracts, tenders and bids, invoices, sheets time, etc.). Follow real-time progress of the various activities thanks to a detailed daily report and stay in contact with all employees. Each user, whether superintendent, architect or project assistant, has access only to the sections that concern them. Thanks to its innovative platform, Dreeven Technologies enables general and specialized contractors, municipalities, school boards, and clients to become more efficient.