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From the site... to the office!
From the site... to the office!

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in one place!

Features 100% tailored
to the construction industry:

On the worksite

Boost your teams' productivity

All team members can access information, requests and activities related to their roles and responsibilities, in real time.
Dreeven's Timesheets Feature

Control time like never before with automated tracking of hours on the job. 

Simplify administration and maximize productivity!

The ideal tool for data entry: from any mobile device, log daily activities and monitor site progress at any time. No more double entries!

Work orders outline the tasks to be performed on construction projects. 

Enjoy easy planning and simplified management when tracking tasks assigned to your team members!

Generate orders for materials, services and equipment. Then track their purchase, delivery and payment all in one place!

By documenting deficiencies with Dreeven, you can notify all stakeholders in real-time of any corrective action to be taken. 

Control the resolution of problems that arise on site and optimize your time with a structured list!

Integrate forms directly on the platform and eliminate paperwork on the job site: farewell to wrinkled, misplaced or illegible paperwork! 

Enter data on the field and in real time, share it in a single click, and collect the information logged. Farewell to wrinkled, misplaced or illegible paperwork!

Capture, organize, share and download photos taken on the worksite to keep a visual record of projects. 

This comprehensive overview allows you to see progress, deliveries and events on the site, identify potential issues and make informed decisions.

Assigning human resources, equipment, suppliers and transport is fundamental to successful site management. 

The efficiency you will gain with Dreeven’s dispatch module is unparalleled!

The key to informed decision-making! 

Centralize bids, accurately evaluate proposals, and compare the technical and documentary qualifications of your suppliers and subcontractors. 

Once a contract has been granted, review in one glance the projected costs, issued amendments, received invoices, signed work orders, disclaimers, releases and deficiencies.

Mid-project add-ons are inevitable, and claims are often tedious. Leveraging the full potential of collaborative management, a detailed history of directives and requests means you’re well geared up for any potential litigation. 

Pre-established prices, stalled actions, initial proposals and answers to your questions are accessible via your dashboard.

From the preparation of tender documents to the evaluation of bids received, grant contracts to the most profitable partners based on this comprehensive overview.
At the office

Automate project administration

Centralize and consolidate all documents related to your projects and the data generated by your activities in real-time.
Dreeven's Team Members Feature
In finance

Create operational and
financial synergy

Save time, both on the operational and financial fronts, thanks to seamless communication between the different tasks carried out on-site and at the office.
Dreeven's Budget Feature

Ensure maximum project profitability and avoid financial leaks! 

Monitor budget variations based on estimated costs, adjustments, received change orders and recorded expenses in real time.

Generate orders for materials, services and equipment. Then monitor their purchase, delivery and payment all in one place!

Guarantee rigorous financial management, and enjoy peace of mind! 

Reduce processing delays, entrust your teams with progress in the field, ensure transparent payment tracking and simplify your settlements.

This indispensable asset lets you effortlessly synchronize all your project data with your financial tool. 

Avoid double – or even triple! – data entry with integrated financial management!

Work seamlessly as a team and access the latest versions in real time. 

By collaborating efficiently, stakeholders can easily work on plans, take measurements, validate quantities and compare different plan versions right at their fingertips!

Centralized documentation gives internal teams and external collaborators access to the latest versions of all documents that concern them, from a custom arborescence and with assigned user permissions.

Ask and you shall receive — without ambiguity! 

A single section for submitting, monitoring and managing project tasks, Requests For Information (RFIs), deficiencies and observations. 

Collaborate via mobile devices and export information to PDF with ease!

Communicate in real-time and obtain essential information and answers to your technical questions in an organized format and infor flawless and uncompromised project execution.

By documenting deficiencies with Dreeven, you can notify all stakeholders in real-time of any corrective action to be taken. 

Control the resolution of problems that arise on site and optimize collaboration with a structured list!

Collaboration is the key to managing shop drawing requests among your suppliers and subcontractors. 

Keep track of pending requests and customer acceptances, and ensure compliance with drawings and specifications by accessing and sharing accepted documents in real time!

Manage participant invitations, receive attendance confirmation directly by email, share agendas, draft meeting minutes in real time, and follow up on actions and decisions taken during meetings. 

No need to lay out a recap: everything is integrated and ready to download!

For optimal collaboration

Ensure streamlined communication

By centralizing all activities and real-time monitoring, you can connect cross-functional teams for efficient, seamless collaboration.
Dreeven's Plans Feature
Exclusively dedicated to
the construction industry

Our features are 100% tailored

for mastering successful
project management.