Dreeven Construction Project Management

In 1990, it was a time of communication! Today, with the arrival of cloud computing, the production of data is exploding and is easily and quickly shared thanks to technologies. It is no longer a secret, companies must now evolve in a context more normative. The quotes were less than an inch in 1990, today they don’t print because the appendices are so bulky! Companies must change current working methods in order to be more efficient in meeting all of their contractual requirements.

Since 2007, smartphones have accelerated the evolution of communications by facilitating the transfer of information. Emails can now be read and processed outside of the office, right on the job site. Receiving and texting or taking and sending photos further documented the on-site execution. Organizing this data is critical, and local data and data on servers must mesh.

The mobility of systems today is no longer an option, but a requirement. The Maestro System has invested heavily over the past three years to accommodate this mobile shift.

The arrival of collaborative work platforms becomes the best working partner.

What are the main advantages?

A collaborative platform such as Dreeven allows simplified management of communications.

  • It allows document management, editing, reviewing and approving all project documents, from contracts to drawings or daily reports.
    It facilitates the coordination of the various stakeholders during the execution of the project.
  • Server management is a thing of the past, data backups are done on the platform.
  • The collaborative platform promotes real-time communications and data sharing between the parties involved. It allows you to understand the needs of the project and its actors, and thus to be in phase with its ecosystem.
  • Quick access to documents, plans, emails, etc. saves a lot of time for users. It also allows us to understand the history of changes and allows us to be the memory of the project, to always progress.
  • Such a platform allows everyone to know the activities that impact the critical path of the project. The entrepreneur is thus well equipped to focus his energy on the most strategic elements of the project.

So whether you are a Project Manager, owner, entrepreneur, professionals, supplier, subcontractor or even manufacturer, access to a platform allows you to position yourself at the forefront in today’s economy. The field of construction, probably due to the multiple players and its complexity, has remained in the background. It is high time that technology can serve this market; one of the most important economic engines of our economy!

The success is felt by the team, a collaboration platform allows all the players in the team to give their maximum!

The original post is in French.