Each construction project generates a quantity of information and data that needs to be managed so it can be prioritized, shared, and archived Managing this information is critical and brings its share of challenges. Too often the lack of communication, due to lack of time, is a source of conflict. Typically, construction projects require the production of many and varied documents. Quotes, skills management, hours, shop drawings, drawings, approvals, daily reports, work permits, and meeting minutes are frequently encountered. With the multiple uses of smartphones and tablets, managing photos, and SMS are added to this list of challenges.

All these examples demonstrate the abundance of data related to construction projects and the importance of putting in place the right tools in order to be able to analyze, store and make them easily available to those involved in order to ensure good coordination.

Fortunately, the emergence of technologies such as applications based on artificial intelligence will support the entrepreneur of tomorrow. These applications and tools will help create artificial memory for a project. That will be accessible and instantly updated from any device, including mobile devices. This conference will highlight the latest technologies available to facilitate the work of the entrepreneur in the execution of today’s projects.

Annie Chantelois Biographie

A civil engineer specializing in structure, who worked in the field of research during the completion of her master’s degree at École Polytechnique and has more than 25 years of practice in structural design, construction project management, and team management.

After 6 years at the Canadian National as a structural engineer in a railway bridge, Ms. Chantelois joined the Prochute team in 2002. She became president in 2008 and oversaw the establishment and efficient functioning of the 4 divisions of the company: engineering, inspection, installation and training. His company joined that of SPI in 2013 and was the recipient of the Innovation and Technology Award in the same year. Ms. Chantelois is a specialist and is a reference for working at height in Quebec.

Ms. Chantelois founded Dreeven Technologies in 2016 to simplify project management processes with the dawn of the artificial intelligence revolution.

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