Sortir l'industrie de l'eau chaude

Getting the construction industry out of hot water

We saw it in La Presse early last week: Quebec’s construction industry is facing a series of complex challenges.
The conclusion is clear: to ensure the industry’s efficiency in all its fields and meet its growing needs, structural reforms and adjustments must be made.

Challenges in nearly every field:

  • In infrastructures: there’s a shortage of workers to carry out projects worth over $150 billion
  • In healthcare: delays in the construction of homes for the elderly are exacerbating the challenges posed by an aging population.
  • In education: the rapid deterioration of schools in education leads to a pressing need for repairs, with the majority in poor condition
  • In energy: major challenges in recruiting workers are preventing us from meeting Hydro-Québec’s projected energy needs
  • In transportation: problems with road maintenance and public transport persist, despite new projects under consideration
  • In housing: the housing shortage and its consequences on supply and demand are accentuated by a record increase in immigration

Possible solutions:

  • Increase the versatility and expertise of the workforce
  • Improve accessibility, mobility and equity among workers
  • Ensure compliance with quality, health and safety standards

Dreeven is exclusively dedicated to solving the challenges of the construction industry,
and 100% adapted to today's reality in Quebec:

Accroître la polyvalence et l’expertise de la main-d’oeuvre

Versatility and expertise of your workforce

Project management with Dreeven is collaborative, so there’s no need to allocate a full-time position to this function: everyone plays a role in the platform! This frees up your resources to focus on their operations and the success of their interventions.
Team members and their equipment are registered with projects, helping to identify individual skills and expertise. The efficient allocation of resources according to the tasks to be performed and the skills required to do them promotes worker versatility.
Collaboration between workers with different skills promotes a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
By providing tools for real-time communication, training and project coordination, the platform contributes to a workforce that is increasingly versatile and expert in their field.
Centralizing activities and documents encourages the sharing of expertise within teams. All the data recorded in Dreeven enables contractors to identify trends and areas for improvement, and workers to make informed, well-founded decisions.
Améliorer l’accessibilité, la mobilité et l’équité entre les travailleurs

Accessibility, mobility and equity

Dreeven project management puts an end to document overload and paper-based information.
Centralizing all operations in a single platform and communicating in real time ensures equal access to information and creates a more transparent working environment.
Real-time communication between team members ensures that information is accessible to all.
Workers at different workstations can access the same resources and project progress simultaneously, regardless of their location, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and promoting shared decision-making.
Thanks to real-time resource management, workers can adapt continuously, promoting flexibility.
Dreeven’s dispatch module, a must-have in Quebec, enables efficient resource management and daily tracking of site workers, including their equipment. This helps ensure that workers have equitable access to resources.
Also, with its management of bonuses and expenses, as well as rates customizable by trade from timesheets, Dreeven enables optimal allocation of resources, resulting in more inclusive and flexible working conditions in the construction industry.
Assurer la conformité aux normes de qualité, santé et sécurité

Quality, health and safety

With an overview and tracking of activities, operations and project progress in real time, stakeholders can immediately identify potential problems that arise and could compromise quality, on-time delivery or budget overruns.
A structured, transparent approach ensures that construction projects meet quality standards.
Dreeven provides real-time tracking tools, an activity dashboard, and features that facilitate communication, contributing to a safer, more compliant working environment.
The platform provides centralized access to project documentation, including safety guidelines, quality standards and regulatory requirements.
Allows the creation of checklists, inspection forms and incident reports to ensure that every phase of the project complies with safety standards. On-line form customization provides a structured framework for assessing compliance with all these regulations.
With construction a hot topic for 2024, migrating to Dreeven for your project management can help optimize your productivity, improve worker efficiency, ensure compliance with worksite labor standards and, ultimately, get the industry out of hot water.
See for yourself why over 42,000 users trust Dreeven
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