Increase Your Efficiency.

Our platform allows everyone to know what activities are affecting the critical path of the project. Dreeven lets you focus on the important tasks.

Why Dreeven?

Because you have too many
emails in a day!

From now on, all notifications and request follow ups no longer go to your inbox and you are just one click away from any information. Dreeven’s simple dashboard increases your productivity and saves you time.

Why Dreeven?

Because you are human!

In fact, we believe that we all are. Forgetting to get back to a request that is somewhere within your 125 emails of the day can happen, and it happens more than we admit.

Dreveen will help you prevent losing track of requests and help you respond in a timely manner.

Why Dreeven?

Because managing and validating documents should be simple!

The management of approval requests directly impacts project execution. Doesn’t your team have better things to do than to be constantly bothered about whether payments have been issued? Avoid this waste of time by letting Dreeven track this.

Why Dreeven?

To avoid entering the same
information twice!

Dreeven has been in development for more than 2 years in order to integrate its unique interconnectivity wheel. In addition, the platform allows the transfer and retrieval of information from your accounting software so you can have all the information required for your decisions, but also to avoid double data.

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