Groupe DCR Dreeven Collaborative Construction Platform

Just a quick note to let you know we are super satisfied with the improvements in the report module. The addition of the table makes it much easier for superintendents to make reports. It is also easier to find information quickly.

Thank you for listening to us in your development! 😊

Maxime Clermont
Vice president

Construction management software Dreeven Germano Construction

I really like the drawing section, it’s extremely easy to import, even on the tablet, and referencing plans is quick! Almost no loading time, I use it as much in the office as on-site.

Mario Ricardo Sanches
Project Manager

Construction Blenda Dreeven Collaborative Construction Platform

The product facilitates the preparation of the daily report, as we have rarely seen [from competitors], especially with voice dictation. [Dreeven] allows us to introduce photos, comments, everything is in real-time. As soon as it is produced by the superintendent, you have access to it. It is extremely easy and most superintendents can no longer do without it now.

M. Dumas

Tuyauterie Expert Dreeven Collaborative Construction Platform

It is a package made for construction professionals and provides a complete way to manage multiple projects across multiple people and teams, including our team of engineers, architects, sub-contractors, and suppliers. It brings all the components of construction together in one place. The implementation is quite simple, easy to administer, and the customer support is excellent. The platform is a good way for our company to improve our project management processes and become overall more efficient!

Yana Kateva
Project Assistant

Construction Dinamo Inc. Dreeven Collaborative Construction Platform

The use of the shop drawings section is beneficial for our projects. This section allows you to optimize the follow-ups and classification of shop drawings.
The operation is simple and efficient. Our professionals have adhered to it and the amount of time saved is remarkable.

The project Management Team

Groupe Marlo Dreeven Collaborative Construction Platform

Completing the COVID-19 form on the Dreeven is very simple and easy to do, one of the nicest collaborative platforms I’ve seen.

M. Lechasseur