Daily Reports

Connect the office & the field.

Keep track of the day’s work with Dreeven’s daily reports. Let the office know what has happened on the construction site in real-time.
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Daily Reports

Simple & always legible.

Dreeven’s daily report is the perfect tool to enter data. Know the day’s activities as well as compare estimates to the actual ongoing of the project.
Daily Reports

Made for everyone.

Dreeven makes the digital shift easy. Because you can use any tech gadget you’re comfortable with, for instance, laptops, tablets, and even phones.
With autosave, recording the day’s work is a breeze. In fact, Dreeven is successfully used by all superintendents, including those who would consider themselves technologically challenged.

Our Clients Recommend Dreeven

The product facilitates the preparation of the daily report, as we have rarely seen [from competitors], especially with voice dictation. [Dreeven] allows us to introduce photos, comments, everything is in real-time. As soon as it is produced by the superintendent, you have access to it. It is extremely easy and most superintendents can no longer do without it now.

Construction Blenda Dreeven Collaborative Construction PlatformM. Dumas, Foreman, Construction Blenda inc.

Just a quick note to let you know we are super satisfied with the improvements in the report module. The addition of the table makes it much easier for superintendents to make reports. It is also easier to find information quickly.

Thank you for listening to us in your development! 😊

Groupe DCR Dreeven Collaborative Construction PlatformMaxime Clermont, Vice president, Groupe DCR

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To do the migration, contact Guillaume Hardy at 514 325-8454 ext. 48 or by email at ghardy@cegq.com.

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